One hundred thousand people marched against Israel’s ongoing terrorist attacks against the people of Gaza in London’s protest today. The Israeli military is targeting civilians of all ages in the besieged coastal enclave in an operation that has seen them kill around people so far, including over 70 children. (Photos: Luke MacGregor / Reuters)


اللهم صلِّ على سيّدنا محمد


من #أذكار_المساء


Please PLEASE PLEASE Share this poster! There have been incredible protests ALL over the world, and it’s time for us to have a HUGE one in one of the most important places in our country. If you can come out, it would be amazing! If not, just share this so we can get thousands of people to come!


y’all remember this shit? incredible.


@Muhanad97: لا مدرسة غداً، كل الاطفال في #غزة قد توفوا… لوحة تحمل اسماء الاطفال الشهداء الذين سقطوا بالقصف الوحشي الإسرائيلي
“No school tomorrow, all the children in Gaza are dead”
List of children killed in Israeli assault on #Gaza


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